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We help revolutionise education in schools in the Philippines. And with that we value the partnerships we’ve created with the different educational institutions we work with. We acknowledge their feedback as valuable insights to the continuous growth and innovation of the platform.

Wide Variety

Essential 21st century skills

We at NS Network believes that we need to bridge the economic and learning divide, public schools need to leverage and embrace technology.

This is a grassroots validation that needs to be adopted nationwide. We can empower a generation of creative problem solvers and leaders if we do this now.


Creative Learning Environment

Here at NS Network we believe that technology is the great equalizer. Old school is a mindset and yet it can still be an actual school. We plan to transform the classroom of yesterday into a 21st Century smart learning and creative space.


Our Programs

With the influx of social media and the new creative ways of storytelling, the way we communicate with each other has changed drastically for the past 20 years. And as communication changes, so does education. No matter what professional field you want to be in the future (or if you are already are a professional and still thinks you can do more), the need to use digital tools is a 21st century skill that can effectively communicate with audiences that is both rewarding and satisfying.

With our curated programs, they allow everyone to update their skills, learn new ideas, and take their business-and themselves to another level.

Design · Mon - Fri


1-Month Program

In this intermediate course, you will learn the elements & principles of design with the integration of colour theories, typography & layout. With Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop).

Design · Mon - Fri


3-Month Program

Our Visual Communication Design is an advanced learning program which focuses on a wider approach to design that touches on human visual perception and communication.

Media Arts · Sat


4-Session Workshop

Our Basic 3d Modelling/Animation/Compositing workshop that will give you a comprehensive guide to getting started with the 3D application. The basics of 3D modeling will be taught to you through the hands-on use of Autodesk Maya 2014. You will also learn the essential steps in working with 3D software from modeling and texturing through to Compositing that can give you a good understanding of how 3D animation works and work through its challenges

Media Arts · Mon - Fri


4 sessions Extensive Program

In this Visual Effects Course you will learn how to create powerful cinematic effects like the ones in Hollywood blockbuster movies. With Nuke.

Design · Mon - Fri

3D Modelling
& Rendering

3-Month Program

Have you ever wondered how to create 3D models such as characters, props and environments in movies and video games? In our 3D modelling & Rendering Program, you’ll learn workflows from reference gathering to final rendering from professional 3D artists and create your very own 3D models for movies and video games.

Development · Mon - Fri


1-Month Program

Be a web developer in 1 month with this Coding Bootcamp. Learn Git, Python, Google Cloud as your building blocks on your journey to becoming a web developer. This course will tackle the basics that every aspiring software developer will need to be able to compete and work with other fellow developers in the industry.


Our Success Stories

Education is for everyone. You just need to know on how to use it.

Here are just a few of our students who knew how to utilize what they have learned along the way.

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